New Teacher on the Block

Making a good first impression on the first day of school is something that new teachers especially want to do. Making a good first impression is something that Mr. Riley did very well.

“What was your first day like at PHS?” Mr. Riley said “My first day was great, everybody was very happy to be here.” He also said that “It was nice getting to meet all the students.”

Mr. Riley was also asked “What do you think of PHS?” He said “It is a great school, all of the students are wonderful, the teaching staff is very committed to the students.”

He has plans to make the year fun for the students. “Yes, especially in science classes, I want to do more hands-on stuff and do labs.” 

Mr. Riley came to PHS from Scecina High School, it is a private catholic high school. Mr. Riley taught physics there.

Mr. Riley is in the profession he’s always wanted to be in. “I always enjoyed teaching, from a very young age I wanted to become a teacher.”

Mr. Riley teaches chemistry, physical science, and algebra classes. Mr. Riley has plans to make the year fun and enjoyable for all the students and he will do a great job at that.