New Face in the Halls at PHS

Shara Coffman, Editor

Palestine students are given many opportunities along their pathways as they go through their years at PHS.

This year the school district was blessed with the opportunity to welcome a foreign exchange student into the school. This opportunity doesn’t only affect Palestine, but it affects this student, giving him a potentially life changing experience.

Peio Lapiedru is a 14 year old freshmen from Basque Country, Spain, 10 1/2 hours away from his home and family.  There is quite a time difference between here and Spain. In fact, when Peio is coming to to school here at 8 a.m., it is 2 p.m. at his home in Spain. Despite that, Peio says that adjusting to the time difference “wasn’t hard at all, but was quite easy.”

Peio’s life back home was a little different. For example, he said, “the houses here are crazy amount of feet apart, because in Spain they are almost touching.”

Unlike here, where the humidity can be deadly, the weather in Spain isn’t as humid as it is here and they don’t have too many cold months in the winter. Of course the food also has some differences too. Peio says that the food he misses the most from home is the cocoa powder. He says, “your cocoa powder here isn’t real, you can tell by the color.”

Peio is a very sociable person, and here at PHS he plans to get involved in football, soccer, and wrestling. Here at PHS his favorite class is his cooking class, but in Spain he loved being in his history class. After finishing high school Peio wants to stay in Spain and become a sports journalist.

PHS students, please make Peio feel welcomed and help him experience the most he can throughout his time here.