Shara Coffman, Editor

Every August marks the start of a new school year. The start of each year comes with new student enrollment. This 2022-2023 school year at PHS we have 4 new students; new freshmen, new sophomores, and new seniors. Oh my! Let’s learn a bit about them all. 

James Klein is a freshman this year at PHS. His former school was Robinson High School. James plans to get involved in wrestling, soccer, possibly football, and Pay It Forward. So, it sounds like we will get to see him around a lot. On James’s first day at this new school he said, “I felt so welcomed, and people took me into their groups on the first day.” 

One fun fact James wanted to share about himself is that he and his family used to live in Florida. 

Kristina Dunlap is a sophomore at PHS this year. Her former school is Robinson High School. Kristina plans to play softball this year. She said “My first day was good.” 

She is also most excited about learning and seeing what PHS has to offer. One fun fact about Kristina is that she is good at drawing. Drama Club will be hooking her up for help with back drops –right, Mrs Hyde?! 

Bridgette Woodward is a senior this year at PHS, and her former school was also Robinson High School. Bridgette plans to get involved in wrestling, Pay It Forward, and Drama Club. Bridgette said, “On my first day I knew I was going to like this school because it is smaller and has a better environment.” 

One fun fact about Bridgette is that she is left handed. Bridgette also wanted to share a piece of advice to any one new to a school or an incoming freshman. She says, “Don’t ever stress– someone in the school will welcome you.” 

Terry Fouty is also a senior this year at PHS. His former school was Riverdale High School in Florida. Terry plans to participate in track and field, which is great because our team was very thin, and Terry will be a great addition to the team! Terry’s first day was very laid back since he went to school at PHS his sophomore year. We have some loyal friendships here at PHS. One fun fact Terry wanted to share was that he plays guitar, so hook Terry up for all your serenading  needs. 

With the start of every year teachers, students, and staff look forward to seeing the new student enrollment. Mr. Will says, “All the new enrollment each year is great for our school system and community.” 

To the new students and the re-entering students, we wish you the best of luck this year. Let’s make it the best year yet!