New Things Around The School

Michlynn Churchwell, Editor

Can you imagine a brand new school? Well it is, in a sense.  The school has done so many new things to improve that you wouldn’t even imagine.

They cut down the dead trees and are waiting to plant some more for new tree growth. The town was not very happy about that but we are because it was a liability. If a tree fell on someone’s car then the school would have to deal with it.

One of the things that has changed is the stairwell on the side of the building. They fixed, painted, and decorated it. Around the outside of the stairs they planted some really pretty flowers. The school and some volunteers planted plenty of new plants to add some color to the school.

We now have a new sharing fridge in the cafeteria along with a new counter top.

Another thing that is different at Palestine High School is that Ms. Waggoner moved her office downstairs to the old nurse’s office. Mrs. Parsons and Mrs. Washburn have their own office/classroom they share and this will help them help IEP students while giving them a safe space to work.

The storage room next to the upstairs women’s faculty bathroom has been cleared out because it was a safety hazard. The teachers are glad the bathroom is cleared out for them.

Other things they did includes putting in a new print room table and new outlets in the front of Mrs. Hyde’s room. They also repainted a lot of things including the outside windows and all the stairwells. The outside of the school is still being refurbished, and they will continue doing that until it is finished.

So while you may think not much has changed, look again — plenty of changes took place at PHS this summer.