Meet The Wildcats!


The Breakdown

Zoey Rinesmith, Editor

Listen up Pioneers! The new OPH mascot is here… the WILDCATS! Last year the Mr. Will, and the other principles sent out a survey to the students of Oblong, Huntsville and Palestine to vote on this mascot. From the options we were given we chose the Wildcats. The teams have taken this name on and have already started their seasons.

Meet OPH was held at Oblong High School, on August 19. We met the OPH football team, the OPH football cheer squad, the OPH golf team,  and the OPH cross country team.

The OPH Football team includes: JD McPherson, KJ Davis, Reeve Dennis, Zaiden Smith, Lynus Bay, Jerrett Ping, Elijah Wathen, William Daubs, Orion Christine, Nicki Roberts, Owen Potts, Max Lewis, Jack HawkinsWayne Griffin, Preston Nidey, Brandon Thacker, Judah Sweitzer, Tyler Newell, Devin Lawyer, Reese Jordan, Gunnar Eller, RJ Hays, Braxton Manhart, Chase Jones, Ethan Miller, Caden Goodwin, Travin Hill, Carson MusgraveAvry Monti, Owen Griffin, Issac Weaver, and Callum Roeder.

The OPH Football Cheer squad includes: Ava Patchett, Alivia Beabout, Dannika Fulling, Jaylee Hyre, Brylee Beabout, Charlie Burkett, Zoey Beabout, Aubree Ramsey, Adrianna Taylor, Kristen, McKenzie McDaniel, Abby Hyre, Autumn Taylor, Morgan Hargrave, Claire Pickring, Lily Holcomb, Emma Newlin, and Katelyn Adams.

The OPH Golf Team includes: Aaron Johnson, Cameron Davis, Rowan Bailey, Landon Baker, Cody York, Elliot Meadows, Riley Blank, Carson Musgrave, Eli Newlin, Ethan Newlin, Cydney Pethel, Daylen Beckes, McKenzie McDaniel, and Emily Rachoy. 

The OPH Cross Country Team includes: Bennen Ramsey, and Bowen Ramsey. 

We are heading towards a good fall season with all of these sports with our new name. Football is competing on Friday August 26 at Dupo. Golf is competing throughout the month. Cross Country is competing Thursday August 25.