8th Grade Shadowing


Dannika Fulling

Bennen and Bowen Ramsey sit in on Mrs. Hyde’s English III class.

Michlynn Churchwell, Contributor

If you’ve seen some new faces at PHS this week, think of it as a preview of next year.

To help the incoming freshmen get a feel of the high school and what it will be like, every eighth grader was paired with a junior and invited to come to the high school and visit that junior’s classes.¬† Many of the eighth graders have already taken high school classes, but this was just one more chance to let them know a little more about it.

Mrs. Will has given all of the eighth graders a student guide with all the course descriptions, and graduation requirements as well. Students learned that they have to have twenty-six credits altogether to graduate from high school: three math credits, three science credits, two history credits, four P.E. credits, one consumer education credit, one computer application credit, one health credit, and four English credits.

May 17 and 19 were the days the the eighth graders shadowed, from 9:30 to 10:30. They sat in class and watched and learned how the high school was managed and worked. They’ve learned a lot so far since they’ve had a chance to find the classrooms are and meet the teachers.¬† Even these things will help make their transition in the fall a lot less scary.