LTC BIO 3 Trip

Michlynn Churchwell, Contributor

Yesterday on May 11, 2022, Mr. Smith’s Biology 3 class went to LTC for an anatomy lesson. They were taught human anatomy by learning with a cadaver. They also got to learn what happened to the person and how they died.

They had the choice of whether they wanted to see the person’s face or not; many choose not to. They say if you see their face, you could develop a connection, which would only make it so much harder. There are many restrictions on what you can and can’t do in a place like that. One of the restrictions is that you cannot take a picture of the cadaver because of HIPPA laws. These rules seem reasonable though, to protect the privacy of the cadaver.  It would also be rude to the family to take pictures.

The students that went on this trip included Shara Coffman, Alivia Beabout, Chance Wilber, Cody York, Elliott Meadows, and Kaden McCormack.