Measles Outbreak


Map of the states with Measles outbreak.

Grace Correll, Editor

The number of Measles outbreak is at an all time high in the United States. The centers for Disease Control and Prevention have said that there have been 704 cases reported nationally so far this year.

The ongoing outbreaks this year has caused cases to blow past the previous annual record in just the first few months of 2019. It took less than a week to break the record of 667 cases that were reported in 2014, which is just crazy.

There have been cases reported in 22 states and some of the biggest outbreaks are happening in Rockland County and Brooklyn, New York. Bigger cities are where most of the outbreaks are happening, because the schools are so big and the cities are so busy. Many people do not know that when you get the vaccine, you eventually have to get a second dose of it for it to work effectively

This is a scary time for these places, and it could always spread to other places in the US as well, so either make sure you are vaccinated twice, or be aware of the sicknesses around you.