Besetment: Movie Review

Myla Messinger, Contributor


Recently, I watched the movie “Besetment.” It is a horror movie and you can watch it on your phone or even the computer on the Tubi app. It is about a young lady named Amanda Wells that gets a job at a motel. Amanda’s parents are not really in this movie because her father left when she was younger and her mother is an alcoholic. Amanda’s first day on the job was perfect in her eyes. After that she fell in love with a young man named Ben that works in a cafe down the road. Once Amanda’s boss finds out that she and Ben are seeing each other, then the boss goes after him and kills him. Once Amanda tries leaving, her boss knocks her out with a frying pan and carries her upstairs and ties her to a bed. The boss is a crazy old lady that also killed her husband. At the end Amanda gets free and kills the old lady.

I think this movie is a fantastic movie to watch if you’re bored and like horror movies; make sure when you watch this movie there are not young children around. If I had to rate this movie I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars because it makes sense in some parts, but in other parts it does not make sense at all. I recommend this movie to young adults 16+ who love horror movies.