Opinion: New Class Scheduling

Levi Dennison, Contributor

Starting next school year PHS will be making a big change. Our school had decided to reduce our schedules to only seven class periods a day instead of eight. This is a controversial topic that many people have different opinions about.

You have to look at both sides in this situation. The school is trying something new and they want to see how it works. Maybe this is the only year they will be doing this. No one knows exactly how this is going to work next year, but we can take a guess. Everyone believes that they will extend each class a little longer to make up for the lost time in the day by taking a class away. Another possibility is they may extend our lunch period and keep pioneer power but no one knows for sure.

Here’s the other side, I don’t like the idea because if they reduce our schedules then that gives students less opportunities to get in required classes. We have enough problems with kids not getting enough credits or not having a certain class. I just feel like the school is trying to do something creative and unique but it might end up hurting the whole school.