Super Bowl Review


Ashtin Guyer, Editor

The New England Patriots won their sixth Super Bowl in 18 seasons during Super Bowl LIII against the Las Angeles Rams on February 3, 2019. With this victory came a sad loss for the LA Rams, as they lost their first Super Bowl appearance since ‘01. The game started out slowly, leaving the first quarter with a score of 0-0. With this slow start, Americans all across the country began to believe that the biggest game in NFL was not going to be much fun to watch, while others thought the low score meant that it was really a good game because it meant that both teams were very good and playing the game to their fullest. After playing the second quarter and going into halftime, the Patriots put the first number on the scoreboard. Going into halftime, the Patriots were up 3-0. Those big Super Bowl parties were quiet. What was there to say? There had only been three points scored, and it was halftime. People were beginning to think that there was no use in watching the game at all.

After an exciting halftime show, the Patriots and the Rams came back out onto the field with the trophy in mind. Who would take home the Super Bowl LIII trophy? Leaving the third and entering the fourth quarter, the Rams were able to obtain three points for themselves, leaving the score at 3-3 going into the fourth. This was the first time in NFL Super Bowl history that there was not one touchdown scored in the first three quarters. Was it because the teams really were not that good, or is it because of the strong defense both teams had? Everyone has his own opinion. Finally, with 7 minutes to go, the Patriots scored the first touchdown of the game, which ultimately won Super Bowl LIII. The final score was 13-3, a very low score  for such a highly anticipated game. Although the game was a low scoring one, there has been much controversy about whether or not the game should be considered a good game or not.

It is honestly a personal opinion. Those who love football will probably say that the game was good because they understand how well both teams played and how good each team was on defense. Others will say that the game was boring or unentertaining because no one scored a touchdown until the fourth quarter. In my personal opinion I think that the game was a very good game. Although it was a low scoring game, you can obviously see how well each team prepared for this event. They both came onto the turf with a positive attitude that they would win, and that is why they put on such a great defense and ultimately a low scoring game. The score does not determine a good game. The teams and their ability to play the game is what makes football worth watching.

On the other hand, when reading through the reviews about the Super Bowl, I cannot help but see how people were so frustrated because the game was not a “good game.” They were satisfied with the halftime show, but the highlight of their night was watching the commercials when the game was not on. I have to admit that the commercials and halftime show were good, but I enjoyed the game much more.

Besides the many outside opinions, there were also some inside opinions as well. As everyone could see, the defense from both teams was very good, so we applaud the game plan, coaches, and players on defense, but the offensive teams considered the game to be a bad one because they did not perform as well as the defense had on such a high stage in NFL. Either way, there was something for everyone to enjoy during Super Bowl LIII, whether it was the halftime show, the commercials, or perhaps even the game itself.