Why Miss School?

Ashtin Guyer, Editor

When it comes to a student missing school, one thing I can tell you, is that it’s a lot easier to just go to school rather than trying to make up the work. I know you are probably thinking that I have no reason to talk on this subject because I have missed so much school over the years, but this is what I have learned trying to keep up in school.

As much as we may all hate it, school is very important. Ever since I was in second grade, or earlier, I have never had perfect attendance. I will forever and always applaud those who can achieve this goal because it is not for everyone, but being gone has taught me a few life lessons. First of all, I have learned to be a good time manager.   I have to be when we are gone, or I will come home and have to do all the homework the night before I go back to school.

I have also learned that it is easy to get behind, so always think ahead and get some of that work done before you leave, or take it with you. I am always asked the question, how do you still have good grades? When I am asked this question, I honestly tell them “I don’t know,” as I amaze myself that I can still maintain an “A” report card.

With this, I have learned responsibility. Responsibility has become something my sister and I have had to become good at because we each are very organized and take our homework very seriously when we are away. These three things have taught me to be a better person, all because of missing school.

Now I am not telling you to miss school whenever you can, but when you do, learn these three things, and coming back will not be so hard. I will admit, when my family and I have been gone for a week, it is very hard to get back into that routine of school, but we have done it before and we can do it again. Just next time you miss school, try and get something out of your absence and come back and remember that making up work is not fun at all, and life is a whole lot simpler when you are in school.