LTC Renovating Pool


Krescene Holscher, Editor

The Lincoln Trail College Rowland-Nicholas Natatorium has been temporarily closed for renovations. Renovations began this week, starting with improving access to changing rooms. While previously the only options were to use campus restrooms or the sports locker rooms, there will now be designated showers and dressing rooms for the pool. Director of Marketing Chris Forde said, “That was something that wasn’t always convenient for people using the pool. If college athletic teams needed to use the locker rooms, they were not available for people that wanted to use them when they were using the pool.”

The building will also see a new air-conditioned party room for birthday parties or even meetings. General improvements will also be done to the pool itself and the offices. The natatorium is expected to reopen in late January. At some point in the future, the natatorium will see a second wave of renovations to become the Crawford County Recreation Center.