Fountain Soda Alert!


Shyan Dunlap, Author

Fountain Sodas (or Pops, your preference) have been scarce lately. On March 20, 2020 Illinois stopped selling fountain sodas. This doesn’t sound like a big deal but my family lives off of them. There have been a couple times my father has driven to Vincennes¬† just to get a fountain Pepsi. Recently, news has been heard that you can get a fountain drink in Illinois.

Eagle Theater in Robinson has saved the day, for my father anyway. Today and tomorrow from 3pm to 6pm they will be doing a curbside service of popcorn, ICEES, and Pepsi fountain drinks. A large popcorn is $7 medium drinks and ICEES are $1.50. Summer refill cups and a large popcorn is $11. Anyone who is craving some wonderful theater popcorn or fountain sodas can swing by eagle theater Friday April 10 and Saturday April 11 from 3pm to 6pm.