The Best Parts of Your Coronacation


Shyan Dunlap, Author

Not going to school can be stressful and worrisome for a lot of people. Just ask Katie (She’s not a fan, man). I don’t like not having a schedule but I also keep in mind that there are in fact, many positives to this whole thing. They can be easy to ignore in this world that so clearly focuses on the negatives, but they definitely exist if one cares to look. It’s important that we don’t ignore the real issues completely, but its equally important that we don’t get swept away by panic and rumors.

One of my favorite parts of staying at home is actually making breakfast (not that I’m very good at it, but my food is at least edible). I’m proud my eggs don’t look like monsters anymore, they actually resemble eggs, kind of. So not only do I get to sleep in but I also get to make some amazing breakfast. I’m spoiling Katie, she has had breakfast in bed for the past three days in a row. Mainly because she doesn’t like getting up, otherwise she’d help.

It might not sound like much, but there are a lot of amazing things about being told by the government to stay home and chill for a bit. When else will we ever get this opportunity? We get to do our school work on our own time, we can wear what we want…It’s like really relaxed school. It doesn’t matter when you wake up, and when you do, who’s going to know if you don’t bother to get dressed and ready for the day? In theory, this would help with much of the stress in our lives. You choose your own schedule, and aside from the video conferences and things like that, it doesn’t matter what time you get things done.

The extra time we have for family right now shouldn’t be ignored. Family game night could be every night. Friends too, even if you cant see them in person. Video chats aren’t the same, but they’re better than nothing. Its not like youll get in trouble for texting in class, and the way we tend to use our phones for communication without a deadly global pandemic around, I’m sure we can keep in touch.

Also, there is so much time to get things done and have fun, at home of course. I’ve cleaned my room which was something that needed done but I never felt I had the time. One thing I’m super excited about is that on my Xbox 360 dance games, I’ve mastered the dance to “Moves Like Jagger.” Katie didn’t want to join me though.

Are these less-than-desirable circumstances? Definitely, but we have to look on the bright side. This can be a time to rest, or a time to be active, or a time to learn something new. Nothing is expected from you, other than that you keep up with the schoolwork you can do at your own pace, when you choose to do it. What you do with this time is, for the most part, your choice. Would it be great if everyone learned new skills and came out of this as better people? Yes, but that isn’t a requirement. It is enough to just survive and stay safe right now. It would be easy to bury our heads in the sand , but we could choose to look at the positives and continue on with our lives through this mess, and ultimately, I think that’s the better choice.

Times can be scary right now, but we can look at it positively. Do what you can with what you have where you are.