The Last Shift


Brendyn Piper, Contributor

The Last Shift is one of the greatest horror movies of all time. It is rated 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and I agree that is what it should be at. No horror movie I have ever watched has been as good as this one. The plot of The Last Shift is incredible and everyone I know who has watched it has loved it.

The plot of the movie is about a cop who has to watch over an old police station for one night. The entire movie happens in the span of one night. She is told that there is a new police station that has been built and she is assigned graveyard shift.The reason why she is staying is that she is waiting for the Bio-Hazard crew to pick up the evidence room. During her shift weird things start happening. The lights start flickering and she’s getting phone calls from a girl named Monica, who says she is being hunted. She keeps getting calls and reports them to the new police station. The dispatch at the new police station says that all communication to the old station is redirected to the new one, so he says someone’s playing a prank on her. Things start to pick up and ghosts start breaking things around her. Later in the movie she hears someone at the back door and goes to check it out. The person at the back door is a prostitute and she starts laying out the plot of the movie. Years ago at this police station on the same night a family called the Paymons who killed over 20+ girls. On this night when they were caught they cut their faces, put pillow cases over their heads, and committed suicide. This is the reason why the things were happening. Things heat up and at the end of the movie she is can hear more of the Paymon family come into the police station. She decides she has to kill them all and when she does, she is shot in the back by one of them. When she falls to the floor she looks around and sees that it was the Bio-Hazard guys she had really shot and the person who shot her was the cop assigning her to stay and watch the station. The Paymons spirits were making her see things that weren’t really there.


The reason why I like the movie so much is because things that happened at the beginning of the movie that were connected to things at the end. No horror movie I have ever watched has been as in depth as this movie was. Another thing I really like about this movie is that it all happens on one night. There is no cutting to the next day that most movies do. It’s like you are in the same position as she is, so it makes you watch the movie. There is never a  dull moment in The Last Shift. Every single moment one it has a reason to watch. You can start piecing things together once you watch it. This movie is a 10/10 for me and I love it. You can watch this movie over and over and you will pick out something new you didn’t see the last time. I think everyone who is able to should watch this movie.