Senior Prank

Michlynn Churchwell, Contributor

Each year, seniors enjoy thinking of ways they can leave their mark on Palestine High School, by planning a senior prank.  In the past, seniors have done a variety of things, but this year’s seniors wanted to do something different.  Making the point that they were not an easy class to get rid of, the seniors all pitched tents in the gym Sunday evening for an overnight stay at PHS. They arrived at about 7:30 p.m., and they left in the morning before school started. Mind you, nobody knew this was going to happen, so when the teachers showed up in the morning they were shocked.

Mr. Will captured several humorous gym scenes on the school camera of their activities the night before.

While they were staying overnight, they did a lot of fun things. They made a fake fire, and they played plenty of games. One of the games they played was Sharks and Minnows in the dark.  It definitely seemed like they had a lot of fun.

They all showed up in pajamas and comfy shoes to ensure they would be extra  comfortable sleeping in the tents. Some seniors even brought air mattresses for the ultimate good night’s sleep.

The next morning a few of the seniors stayed and talked to the teachers before they left for good.  It was a fun and harmless way to say their goodbyes to Palestine High School!